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Yokoyama Shokai has established its customer’s trust by looking for new objectives based on customer needs, by developing new technologies including downsizing, minimizing spaces and reducing cost to achieve each objective, and by uncovering solutions.

In order to provide quality products at lower prices, Yokoyama plan to introduce products made from overseas to expand domestic as well as overseas distribution channels.

Yokoyama receivied a credit being one of the Hitachi distributor in Japan, which leads to the expansion of the sales operations and at the same time enhance their strength of development capabilities.

After the year of 1993 , their sales, start to expand the production over the world, such as Singapore. 

  • 1921 Established at Kanazawa Minami-cho for sales of electric equipment and components.
  • 1952 : Created the structure to be a representative of Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi group.
  • 1953 : Chartered Yokoyama Shokai Co., Ltd. and turn into independent administrative entities.
  • 1954 : Toyama Takaoka sales office opened.
  • 1962 : Separation of appliances.
  • 1964 : Nanao sales office opened.
  • 1968 : Toyama sales office opened.
  • 1970 : Fukui Takefu sales office opened.
  • 1971 : Niigata sales office opened.
  • 1993 : Stationed a representative office in Singapore.
  • 1997 : Established Yokoyama Transtech Pte Ltd. in Singapore.
  • 1998 : Changed the corporate name of Yokoyama Transtech to I-O & YT Pte Ltd


Address:   6-96 Matsumura Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0348, Japan 

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