Yokoyama Shokai Co Ltd

Yokoyama Shokai Co Ltd was officially established in January 1953 to offer superior technology and business products for local business and society.

I-O Data Device Inc

I-O Data is a Japanese computer peripheral manufacturer such as hard disk drives, Ethernet hubs, USB cables, etc.

Yokoyama Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd

Yokoyama Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of Yokoyama Shokai Co Ltd, was incorporated on 09 May 2014. The company has been engaged actively in business activities in Hong Kong since its incorporation.

I-O & YT (Thailand) Ltd

I-O & YT (Thailand) Ltd. was incorporated on 01 April 2008 to operate as a centre procurement of raw materials, parts and products between countries.

Taiwan I-O Data Device Inc

TAIWAN I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. primary responsibility is the marketing and sales of I-O DATA products in Taiwan while serving as a procurement base for our parent company in Japan.

I-O DATA Hong Kong Ltd.

The company focuses on the marketing and sales of I-O DATA products in Hong Kong and China, while operating as an int'l procurement organization and a base of manufacturing for computer peripherals.